Food Radio is a radio station started by Food New York.

We wanted to make the community around our office feel welcome to come and talk to artists - especially those that may look like them - and see how they managed to make money doing what they love.

For season one, Office Hours, we took over a storefront in Chinatown and interviewed over 50 guests, including artists, designers, chefs, architects, entrepreneurs, and one politician. The space was open for anyone to visit, hang out, attend workshops and ask questions.

All of the interviews were recorded live and you can listen to them here.

A special thanks goes out to Jelisa Blumberg, Wave Farm, Montez Press Radio, Patrick Nininger, Palm Heights and Tillie's.

Preeti Sriratana, Architect
Angela Dimayuga, Chef
Jean Brownhill, founder and CEO of Sweeten
MN, Architects
Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, founders of Public School
PlayLab, Designers
Felix Burrichter, founder of PIN-UP, Jon Wang, Artist
Chen Chen and Kai Williams, Industrial Designers
Kevin Ma, founder of Hypebeast
Karen Wong, Deputy Director of The New Museum
Paul Chang, Design Consultant
Aimee Chang, Architect and cofounder of Nine Suns, Colleen and Hailey Brooks, cofounders of High Court
LinYee Yuan, founder of MOLD magazine
Montez Press, Art Book Publisher
Hassan Rahim, Designer
Atrak, DJ and founder of Fool's Gold
Nikki Chung and Dunjai Pungauthaikan, co-founders of ONCE-FUTURE
Alice Hines, Writer
Sue Chan, founder of Care of Chan, Sarah Law, founder of Kara, and Hannah Cheng, cofounder of Mimi Cheng's
Jing Liu, Architect and co-founder of SO-IL
Yuh-Line Niou, Assemblymember
Jemma Brown and Jimmy Tran, co-founders of Cosmophage Collective
Gerardo Gonzalez, Chef
Heron Preston, founder of Heron Preston
Christian Pineda, Architect and founder of LOS TACOS No.1
Leong Leong, Architects, and Deana Haggag, President and CEO of United States Artists
Claire Weisz, founder of WXY
Alain Sylvain, founder of Sylvain Labs
Oana Stanescu, Architect
Shirt, Rap Artist
Rachael Yaeger, founder of Human NYC
Peter Ash Lee, Photographer
Andrew Fairweather, Librarian
Tei Carpenter and Toshiko Mori, Architects
Joel Evey, Designer
Stella Lee, Architect
Bunyamin Aydin, founder of Les Benjamins